Want to live longer?

I am in Japan this week, meeting creative people.  I interacted with a really interesting person by chance. Across the alley from the apartment where I am staying, I was awoken early in the morning by an old man banging on a pot with a hammer. Determining a Japanese person’s age is difficult, but thisContinue reading “Want to live longer?”

To Be Creative, Specialize. Or Generalize.

To become creative—to consistently innovate—which strategy is best?  Should you focus expertise in your domain, going deeper?  Or should you be a generalist and learn broadly? My experience, and research, leads me to believe that both are necessary. Go Deep You can’t create a new guitar riff destined to become iconic, if you are notContinue reading “To Be Creative, Specialize. Or Generalize.”

Personal Development Zeal

I have a challenge for you. If you want to be more successful, you must devote yourself to continual personal development. Yes, you should set goals.  Yes, you should believe in yourself.  Yes, you should get enough sleep.  But above all, you must zealously upgrade your abilities.  Every day. We know this, but most peopleContinue reading “Personal Development Zeal”

You are a little crazy, and that is good

Today I address a sensitive topic:  ADHD. They call it Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  But I don’t like the word disorder.  You are not broken.  You just process differently.  In a good way.   Maybe not the way your boss at work understands.  But in a good way. I hope you realize ten things Dr.Continue reading “You are a little crazy, and that is good”

Are You Lazy?

In 2010, I read a book called Cognitive Surplus.  The author, Clay Shirky (NYU), posited that modern technology has offered us an incredible luxury: free time. Unfortunately, we spent that luxurious time watching Gilligans Island.  Now we spend our time watching funny cat videos on Youtube, arguing politics on Facebook, and sending idiotic pictures of ourselves throughContinue reading “Are You Lazy?”