Should we stop teaching math?

Maybe we should stop teaching mathematics in schools. Heresy, you say?  Hear me out. The system has some problems. 1. Mathematics is not taught correctly, according to managememt guru Peter Drucker.  He observed that although East Asian students outperform the rest of the world in math, few people in any country remember what they learnedContinue reading “Should we stop teaching math?”

Can I decrease anxiety and be more successful?

Yee, you can decrease anxiety. Anxiety pops up in many ways.  So we often don’t recognize it. Here, we’ll group all these ways under one condition: psychologists call it “agydala hijack.”   The amygdala is a small part of your brain.   It is near your spine. When you are in danger, the amygdala takesContinue reading “Can I decrease anxiety and be more successful?”

Are You Lazy?

In 2010, I read a book called Cognitive Surplus.  The author, Clay Shirky (NYU), posited that modern technology has offered us an incredible luxury: free time. Unfortunately, we spent that luxurious time watching Gilligans Island.  Now we spend our time watching funny cat videos on Youtube, arguing politics on Facebook, and sending idiotic pictures of ourselves throughContinue reading “Are You Lazy?”

Do This, Be Successful

My blog is based on a simple idea: you can teach yourself everything you need to be successful.  You don’t need a professor (in a tweed jacket with suede elbow patches) to guide you.  Universities have some advantages, and will exist for many more years.  But the tools for doing it yourself are accessible. HereContinue reading “Do This, Be Successful”