Stop Killing Creativity

Korea is being crushed between low-cost countries, and high-cost-but-innovative countries.  If Korea is to survive as a First World country, it must become more creative.  Korea must become the Finland of Asia. I spent some time in Korea this week, searching for creativity examples.  I’ll share some examples in the future, because Korea is fullContinue reading “Stop Killing Creativity”

God Doesn’t Hate You

You might be stuck in your progress toward success because of an idea from evolutionary psychology called Hyperactive Agent Detection. In an earlier post, we discussed the Smoke Detector Principle. It essentially says that humans are negatively biased. In the past, ignoring threats was expensive. Ignoring could lead to being eaten by a predator. ButContinue reading “God Doesn’t Hate You”

How can I meet a guy or girl who isn’t crazy?

How can you avoid getting involved with someone who is clearly not right for you?  Today we answer this question from a reader. First, a review of this blog’s purpose.  The purpose is to teach people how to overcome their challenges, so they can teach themselves how to be successful.  The purpose is to buildContinue reading “How can I meet a guy or girl who isn’t crazy?”

You are a little crazy, and that is good

Today I address a sensitive topic:  ADHD. They call it Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  But I don’t like the word disorder.  You are not broken.  You just process differently.  In a good way.   Maybe not the way your boss at work understands.  But in a good way. I hope you realize ten things Dr.Continue reading “You are a little crazy, and that is good”

How Can Brains Be Healed?

Great news: your brain can heal.  You can see improvements in learning disabilities.  That point was made in yesterday’s posting.  Today we discuss how it is done. Medical intervention might be an option.  Medical treatment research is explored in a paper by DeFina (2009): First:  they identify neurophysiological biomarkers (neuromarkers).  These are tools for following what isContinue reading “How Can Brains Be Healed?”