The Future is Bright. Again.

In 1976, my school teacher said the world was past Peak Oil.  She said I would never obtain a drivers license, because no cars would exist.  Petroleum would be too scarce. The world was ending! So I gathered all my money from delivering newspapers.  I invested it all in bicycle parts and repair tools.  IContinue reading “The Future is Bright. Again.”

Can I decrease anxiety and be more successful?

Yee, you can decrease anxiety. Anxiety pops up in many ways.  So we often don’t recognize it. Here, we’ll group all these ways under one condition: psychologists call it “agydala hijack.”   The amygdala is a small part of your brain.   It is near your spine. When you are in danger, the amygdala takesContinue reading “Can I decrease anxiety and be more successful?”