People Are Stupid But Harmless

It is very embarrassing to share, but this incident changed my understanding of how the world works.   When I was in high school, I was a member of the Disco Club.  I learned all the moves.  I wore elephant bell jeans: the cuffs slapped each other everywhere I walked, providing everyone a distant warningContinue reading “People Are Stupid But Harmless”

Why You Should Join an MLM Scam

Every generation must re-learn that MLM (multi-level marketing or network marketing) is extremely profitable—for a tiny percentage of participants. And that is okay. One estimate is that 2% in any MLM organization make outsized profits, and the rest lose money.  That estimate might be high or low. People become part of the 98% if theyContinue reading “Why You Should Join an MLM Scam”

We Need You to Save Us

A Skill for Troubled Times Difficult times might be coming. A cycle of violence, like the period from World War I —Russian Revolution—World War II, might begin in 2019. Hatred and irrationality are growing. Your skills will be needed. If not a violence cycle, some regions might be hit by natural disasters.  Others may experienceContinue reading “We Need You to Save Us”

The Future is Bright. Again.

In 1976, my school teacher said the world was past Peak Oil.  She said I would never obtain a drivers license, because no cars would exist.  Petroleum would be too scarce. The world was ending! So I gathered all my money from delivering newspapers.  I invested it all in bicycle parts and repair tools.  IContinue reading “The Future is Bright. Again.”

Your friends have better lives than you do.

Feeling overwhelmed by social media? Bad news.  Everyone has a better life than you.  You already know this, because you access Facebook. But you can’t help yourself, because you suffer from FoMO.  Fear Of Missing Out.  Bobby Swar, a researcher friend, has studied this problem. Because of social media, we know about more stuff weContinue reading “Your friends have better lives than you do.”