How to Die Slower

This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the Spanish Flu epidemic.  The scourge killed 675,000 Americans, over 1.5% of the population. If the same percentage were killed by an epidemic today, the death count would reach almost 5 million people.  Some countries experienced even higher mortality rates.  The total global death count from the epidemicContinue reading “How to Die Slower”

God Doesn’t Hate You

You might be stuck in your progress toward success because of an idea from evolutionary psychology called Hyperactive Agent Detection. In an earlier post, we discussed the Smoke Detector Principle. It essentially says that humans are negatively biased. In the past, ignoring threats was expensive. Ignoring could lead to being eaten by a predator. ButContinue reading “God Doesn’t Hate You”

Seven Crucial Tips to overcome learning challenges

When I was in the third grade, I suddenly switched from top of my school class to the bottom.  My ADHD turned on. I had long believed the trigger was from trauma I had recently experienced.  But it was simply because of my age.  ADHD symptoms typically show in children during third grade. This article containsContinue reading “Seven Crucial Tips to overcome learning challenges”

Personal Development Zeal

I have a challenge for you. If you want to be more successful, you must devote yourself to continual personal development. Yes, you should set goals.  Yes, you should believe in yourself.  Yes, you should get enough sleep.  But above all, you must zealously upgrade your abilities.  Every day. We know this, but most peopleContinue reading “Personal Development Zeal”

Should we stop teaching math?

Maybe we should stop teaching mathematics in schools. Heresy, you say?  Hear me out. The system has some problems. 1. Mathematics is not taught correctly, according to managememt guru Peter Drucker.  He observed that although East Asian students outperform the rest of the world in math, few people in any country remember what they learnedContinue reading “Should we stop teaching math?”