Business English for Global Leaders

I’ve been teaching for many years, and I have worked in large and small companies in jobs related to marketing, consulting, and HR. 

In this stressful time, I recommend saving money. Cut out all unneeded spending.

But you also must build your skills to survive the recession.

I will help you

I’m doing research on language learning.  I’m offering a unique method of Business English through 1-on-1 training (for my research).

15 minutes15 minutes15 minutes15 minutes15 minutes

We will do 15 minutes every day (5 times/week).  Practicing every day, for a short time, is the ideal way to learn and build confidence.

  1. Daily practice is essential: consistency builds new neural pathways.

2. Caused by electronics? After 15 minutes, effectiveness declines.

3. Resting on weekends: your brain rebuilds while resting (like a muscle).

I estimate that this 1-on-1 training would cost $275 per week in Korea.  

I’m offering it for $199 per month to 12 people, because it helps me with research.  We will use the Zoom videoconferencing system.

This will help you “reboot and level up” your career. 

If you have a question about the program, please message through my page:

Facebook Group

Or email me:

I take my work very seriously.

I like helping people succeed.

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