Why You Should Join an MLM Scam

Every generation must re-learn that MLM (multi-level marketing or network marketing) is extremely profitable—for a tiny percentage of participants. And that is okay. One estimate is that 2% in any MLM organization make outsized profits, and the rest lose money.  That estimate might be high or low. People become part of the 98% if theyContinue reading “Why You Should Join an MLM Scam”

The Vikings Have Really Improved

This year begins with a new series, Developing Leadership Skills from History.   Should we teach business skills in schools?   Do business skills matter? For 373 years, the Vikings terrified Europe. The Germans were powerless before the Danes.  Vikings called the Franks in the powerful Carolingian Empire “beggars,” because they would beg for theirContinue reading “The Vikings Have Really Improved”

Stay Off Santa’s Naughty List

In my country, people practice a pretend belief in Santa Claus.  This mythical person delivers gifts to well-behaved children.  Naughty children, in theory, receive nothing.   The definition of good vs. bad is fuzzy.  It is subjectively determined by parents in each household.   In practice, however, poor children receive less, regardless of behavior.  BounteousContinue reading “Stay Off Santa’s Naughty List”

The Positive Power of Amnesia

Jamais vu is a French term meaning “never seen.”  It is the opposite of deja vu.  (We associate it with amnesia or epilepsy.)   Jamais vu usually means not recognizing a word or person you have seen before.   I associate it with seeing or experiencing something I have seen before, but in a new way. ToContinue reading “The Positive Power of Amnesia”

We Need You to Save Us

A Skill for Troubled Times Difficult times might be coming. A cycle of violence, like the period from World War I —Russian Revolution—World War II, might begin in 2019. Hatred and irrationality are growing. Your skills will be needed. If not a violence cycle, some regions might be hit by natural disasters.  Others may experienceContinue reading “We Need You to Save Us”