What this blog is about

I have a mission: to make you more innovative and successful. I have been preparing for this project for 35 years, when I began my own program of personal improvement. I was in high school, and had acquired my own Daytimer, and began setting personal goals. Juvenile goals. But I accomplished them all. Imagine yourselfContinue reading “What this blog is about”

Travel Smarter, part 1

My Favorite Business Travel Hacks A few years ago, I assisted an air marshal in wrestling a criminal passenger on a United flight over the Pacific ocean. My spontaneous efforts were not crucial, but at the time it was exciting to use dormant fighting skills. I have traveled a lot, mostly internationally. I have visitedContinue reading “Travel Smarter, part 1”

Push aside your learning difficulties and train yourself to be successful

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.                                                                                  Continue reading “Push aside your learning difficulties and train yourself to be successful”