Don’t be racist. Be selfish.

I’m preparing to launch my new book, the summary of 35 years of research. I’ve made it super-accessible for everyone, including those with learning disabilities. It explains how to build a prosperous and fulfilling life through making friends wth people of different backgrounds. We often hear the word “diversity,” usually from people who don’t understandContinue reading “Don’t be racist. Be selfish.”

Free Idea-Development Course Sample

As you may know, I work as an executive coach, and I focus on personal change initiatives.  I am currently developing a coaching tool for potential startup founders. If you know someone with a really rough startup idea who would like to talk to a startup trainer, I can do a FREE one-hour idea-development session over ZoomContinue reading “Free Idea-Development Course Sample”

Reject the Spectrum

I don’t believe our country is “more divided than ever before.”  Remember the Cold War, when some of us collaborated with Stalin?  You’ve heard of the Civil War?  We aren’t shooting each other by the thousands yet.  The problem is the political spectrum that professors still encourage us to use.  The spectrum might have been valid to describe theContinue reading “Reject the Spectrum”

How to Choose the Fastest Line

I have developed a scientific way of choosing the fastest line at the airport, grocery store, or DMV, which I will share here. My tendency has always been to choose the shortest line.  At airport immigration, I look for the line with only two people, and quickly pull my luggage into that line.  Turns out,Continue reading “How to Choose the Fastest Line”