Can YOU change the world?

Did a teacher ever make you feel ashamed?  Did anyone ever tell you to “just get motivated,” so you could learn faster, or pay attention better?

Steven SpielbergStephen Spielberg was a lazy student. At least that’s what his teachers thought.  In reality, he had dyslexia.

He took two years longer than his peers to learn to read.  He was bullied throughout his school career. He was not diagnosed until he was 60.

In an interview, he explained how he succeeded.  Through his art, however, he was able to push aside the shame.

Spielberg changed the way movies are made.  He found a way to either ignore his barrier, or to make it into a strength.  You can do the same thing.

Well-meaning parents, teachers, and bosses try to motivate people with learning disabilities in order to motivate them.  Because people can focus better if the alternative is crushed morale, they reason.  You can forget about all those incidences in the past, and look forward.  You can create like Spielberg did.  Stay tuned to this channel.

::: Be fierce. Be kind. Be knowledge-hungry. :::

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