Your Political Beliefs Are Mistaken

Each of us holds a worldview. It is the lens through which we understand the world.  Because our worldviews are different, we interpret the political situation differently.  And that is okay.

B8FACF5D-A522-4C16-931E-D478AE5014EFOver 200 years ago, Napoleon’s Grand Armee was sweeping across Europe.  The French Empire was rapidly growing and no one could stop it.  Then the Kingdom of Prussia fell to Napolean at the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt.

Germans feared their culture would vanish, as French would become universal and everyone would forget German language and culture. The Brothers Grimm hastily collected as many folk tales as they could, to preserve pieces of their culture before it was swept away forever.64F11459-3730-4828-9F69-9ADFFE1CC073

Then Waterloo came, and Napoleon was gone.  Problem solved.

img_4504I have been studying political science since dial telephones. That is long enough to see patterns. This is what I learned: I have seen powerful, frightening menaces arise, threatening our way of life.  Then rivals rally, and the threats subside.

Situations change. Trends ebb and flow. In the short term, a situation might be grim. But in the medium term we will be fine.  Regardless of your political beliefs, you can relax a little.  Focus on what is more important.

The Case For Ignoring Politics

Being involved in the political process is crucial.  You should speak up against idiots, bullies, people who use your money to buy votes, and bureaucratic inertia.  But don’t let them get in the way of your personal development.  Remember, power brokers benefit when we are outraged by their opponents.  So they purposely feed our anger, and try to confuse us.

Imagine someone 200 years ago, worrying all day about Napoleon. So the worrier neglected personal development.  After the Napoleonic threat was past, the worrier may have had nothing on which to build a new life.

Fun fact:  the historian Paul Johnson believed that both Hitler and Lenin were products of an age increasingly obsessed by politics.  (not so fun, really.)

Are you worried about our world’s situation?  Forget about it.  Instead, focus on maintaining friendships, aerobic exercise, and building your mind.  Keep working to reach your personal goals.  For example, I recommend you spend 30 minutes every day in creative activity.

IGNORE SITUATIONS that you cannot influence.  In the next cycle, our situation will be fixed.

::: Be fierce.  Be kind.  Be knowledge-hungry. :::.

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