I Wish You Had a Huge Nose

I Wish You Had a Huge Nose

Have you ever wished you could grow a huge, bulbous nose?  Maybe not.  But Jimmy Durante was cool because of his nose.  He owned it.

DuranteIf your potential contribution is something not conventionally favored, stand your ground.

Guitar players are cool.  Keyboardists are key.  Drum players evoke envy.  Cowbell ringers. . . not so much. But my favorite Saturday Night Live sketch features a comic version of the band Blue Oyster Cult as they record Don’t Fear the Reaper.  Will Ferrell is the cowbell ringer who feels badly about his lowly contribution.  But producer Bruce Dickinson (played by Christopher Walken) convinces Ferrell to play with his whole heart.  The band members eventually relent and allow him space to really play his cowbell.  A legendary album is born.

Maybe you have a huge nose.  Maybe you only have a cowbell.  Own it.  Flaunt it.  Make it a strength.