Your Future is Bright

< followup to a post last week about upside risk>

     The survivalist movement, or prepper movement, was originally triggered by various conditions such as the threat of nuclear war. It was further coalesced by  books such as Famine and Survival in America by Howard Ruff.


Mr. Ruff didn’t die from famine, or from inability to procure necessities without gold, something he encouraged readers to stockpile in a later book (and in his alarmist newsletter.)

He died of Parkinson’s disease.


To understand the dynamics of this situation, follow the money: prophets of doom prey on our anxieties. They provoke us to buy their newsletters, survival supplies, and preparation info.

My advice: spend your money on education that will make you more money. Don’t risk missing out on opportunities.


For people seduced by prophets of doom, what is the attraction?  I have a theory. For many, some interesting psychology is at play. People are susceptible if they feel they are at the bottom of society’s ladder, who feel left behind, or who feel stuck at the opportunity fringe.  They long for social disintegration and chaos, because they will come out on top in the new order.  But it normally doesn’t work that way.  France still had nobility after the French revolution.

In the next few years, we will probably see some tumult, maybe even devastating chaos. But people who are successful will form the majority of those who thrive.  I predict that those on top will largely stay on top. Winners will be those possessing emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and creativity competence. . . not those with a few silver coins stored under their beds.

The point: success requires faith in the future.

Assuming the world will continue turning, what THREE THINGS do you hope to accomplish within the NEXT 10 YEARS?