Want to Be Rich?

Do you want to be rich?  Do you want to live in a rich country?

Gary Becker was an economist at the University of Chicago. He won a Nobel prize for  research that extended work in sociology, including Human Capital Theory by Theodore Schultz.

The theory says that investing in people is the best way to improve financial outcomes for both people and regions.
Schultz said that “direct expenditures on education, health, and internal migration to take advantage of better job opportunities” (1961, p. 1) are part of developing human capital. It is more than book learning.  Becker said that “schooling, a computer training course, expenditures on medical care, lectures on the virtues of punctuality and honesty are capital too” because they “improve health, raise earnings, or add to a person’s appreciation of literature.”

 This is why future-oriented people shift their money from carnival attendance to skill learning, from video gaming to book reading.
Developing YOUR human capital is the purpose of this site. Stay with us.
When you learn and practice and develop yourself, you improve your chances of financial success. You also improve your region and country.  It is, in that way, God’s work.