Don’t Shoot Yourself With A Nail Gun

Benefits and Costs of Outsourcing Your Learning
   A few years ago, I kabob’ed three of my fingers together by shooting them with a large nail gun.  I was teaching myself carpentry.
   After the medical costs related to surgery, the cost of my building project was far more than the cost of buying or hiring someone.
   But now I know how to build stuff.  No regrets. Education incurs costs, including time, money, and pain.
   If I had hired someone to teach me, however, I would now have full use of my fingers and I would have saved money. I also would have LEARNED FASTER.
   Hire a sensei. The word sensei comes from 先, before and 生, meaning lived: someone who has been down the path before, so can teach from experience.
   Go ahead and listen to experts, buy books, read blogs.  Learn from others’ mistakes (like mine).