What this blog is about

I have a mission: to make you more innovative and successful. I have been preparing for this project for 35 years, when I began my own program of personal improvement. I was in high school, and had acquired my own Daytimer, and began setting personal goals. Juvenile goals. But I accomplished them all.
Imagine yourself as a Global Innovator.  You have the traits needed to better solve problems and innovate through superior creativity and  traits needed to confidently conduct international business through excellent intercultural navigation skills.
The best way to describe these traits is KSAs:  Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.  My task is to build KSAs for success in you, as I have done for many others.
Since high school I have learned that setting goals is a very small part of success in today’s competitive world. So let’s keep the conversation going.
I have a system. But feel free to share your interests.

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